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Politically Incorrect T-Shirts

Politically Incorrect T-Shirts

Shop Wisconsin-made Sarkastic Dog T-Shirts Online

One of the great things about being a conservative is all the fun you can have with liberals. While they’ve got their Bernie and Hillary bumper stickers (Yes, still!), you’ve got Sarkastic Dog t-shirts. Whether you just want to distance yourself from the dumb-dumbs or are looking to rile their snowflake sensibilities, meet your new haberdasher.

Hillary coming to town for a book singing? May we suggest “Well, aren’t you special.” Is there a gathering of pink pussyhats in the square? Pull on a “Never mind me, I’m just waiting for the next mass extinction event” shirt. Live in a town with a liberal indoctrination center (aka “college”)? Don’t leave home without your “NOT a sheep” t-shirt.

More than just snappy one-liners, Sarkastic Dog t-shirts tell it like it is. These aren’t cheap Chinese t-shirts destined for the rag pile, either. All Sarkastic Dog t-shirts are proudly made in Wisconsin from US-sourced, all-cotton t-shirts. Eight glorious colors and short or long sleeve styles.

Clever, cool or caustic, there’s one for every attitude.

Shop conservative t-shirts online from Sarkastic Dog.