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T-Shirts for Dads

T-Shirts for Dads

Shop Wisconsin-made Sarkastic Dog T-shirts Online

Good ol’ Dad. If he’s anything like our Dad, he’s got a bit of an attitude and doesn’t suffer fools lightly. Our shirts are the perfect attire* for grousing about how society has gone to hell in a handbasket while manning the grill.

Is your Dad too reserved to rile the sensibilities of polite society with some righteous Dad-itude? Well, maybe he just never had a shirt that helped him express himself. We can help. With a Sarkastic Dog t-shirt bearing a snappy one-liner, he’ll be setting the world straight in no time.

These aren’t cheap Chinese t-shirts destined for the rag bin. All Sarkastic Dog t-shirts are proudly made in Wisconsin from US-sourced, all-cotton t-shirts. They’re available in 8 vibrant colors and your choice of short or long sleeves.

Clever, cool or caustic, there’s one to fit every Dad.

(NOTE: Sarkastic Dog T-shirts are not intended as complete attire. Always wear pants or shorts with them.)

Shop our t-shirts for Dad online from Sarkastic Dog.